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    • Transform with Ally Coaching Call Recording Week 1: 10/09/19

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    • Week 2: Part 2 of 2 Presentation

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    • Transform with Ally Coaching Call 10/16/19

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Master Trainer/Consultant/Coach

Alastair "Ally" Gardiner

With an almost 30-year career in delivering outstanding outcomes in organizations, Alastair is recognized as a leading international voice in how to create positive change. As a senior manager within children’s services his remit for troubleshooting underperforming fostering, adoption and children’s residential services has led to National (U.K) Government recognition for his ability to create transformative change in staff cultures while providing safe and caring environments for children. Alastair is the Managing Director of Nurtured Heart Approach UK which is responsible for overseeing the successful implementation of the Nurtured Heart Approach® across many childcare and educational services in the UK. With his specialization of working with children and young people who display challenging, aggressive and violent behavior, he has been able to utilize Nurtured Heart Approach to dramatically reduce the number of challenging and violent incidents which occur in the family home and workplace. The main focus of his work is creating environments which can be free from conflict, physical confrontation and restraint. Alastair is a passionate and engaging facilitator who offers clarity to a highly complex and emotive subject. Alastair lives in Scotland, UK with his wife Lindsey and three children Cameron, Finlay and Brodie.