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This course and my time easily adds up to thousands of dollars. My goal is always to help find ways to offer value to anyone who wants to change their life.

  • 8 hours of coaching can easily cost a minimum of $2500

  • This course is priced at $149.00 making it very affordable.

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This REALLY works!

When Sherry Blair speaks, people listen. She is a dynamic coach and leader who epitomizes and puts into practice what she teaches. Sherry is an ongoing motivational force in my life. She has helped me capture the sense of urgency that singlehandedly springboards me into action and change. As a social worker and mental health practitioner myself, I use many of the same tools and techniques with my own clients. Individuals feel acknowledged and are motivated to change their lives by letting go of negative behaviors which do not serve them. They learn to reset their values and priorities and find more meaning and passion in their lives.   Sherry’s teachings, philosophy and energy are not only inspiring, they are contagious. I am blessed to be a member in her tribe of positivity. 

Betty Jampel, LCSW-Cht, WiseMind Behavioral Health Services, LLC, Livingston, NJ

I learned the meaning of being more intentional through Sherry Blair Institute’s 8 Step Positivity Process to Lead Change in Your Life. I can't wait to celebrate my red carpet success! Although I was seeking change, it was a struggle to focus or narrow down what that success would look like. I believe through prayer that this program presented itself to me at the right time. 

When I started the program, breakthrough began to happen on step 3, and then the change process became urgent. The 8 Step Positivity Process to Lead Change in Your Life was good for my busy lifestyle, and possible because of having the option to work my plan via Internet during the daily hustle and bustle. It didn't end at the 8 steps, I’m reaching new goals and remembering to replace negative thoughts with faithful affirmations and scriptures. As a result, I have birthed HoneyBeeYou LLC Training, Coaching and Transformation. Thank you for helping me find the key that opened the doors to my red carpet success! I am ready to live my best life now! Thank you!!! 

Dena Billups, MHS, CLC

I was first introduced to this program in early 2014 and found it to be highly beneficial when deciding to give up my "independence" by moving back home with my parents to return to school full-time for my MSW. Needless to say, I am graduating in May and could not be happier. I would never have been able to take that step if I wasn't involved with this program. Flash forward to March of 2015, I decided I wanted to compete in my first bodybuilding competition on top of being in school full time. It wasn't until I was reintroduced to this process in July that things started to click and my body started to change. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to change some aspect of their life. It prepares you for change - which is key - and provides tips and strategies to keep you focused and motivated.  

Roxanne Miller, LSW, MSW 

I needed this so much. Thank you. I feel like this was such a success and would like to pursue this “Optimization” further on so many levels. When you offered this as somewhat of a New Year’s gift, I felt like it was a prayer answered in some strange way, which is odd as I don’t consider myself someone who prays. I recently started reading The Secret, which talks about directed energy in a sense – what you will becomes so. I am not sure what I believe spiritually but I do believe in the power of believing something to the extent it becomes true because our thoughts will become our actions.  Recently I have fallen into a rut so I truly needed a renewed jump start.  Again thank you.  

I opened Leading Change in Your Life and WOW; loved it, began to read it and could not put it down.  Read it all in one sitting.  I so agree with you on everything in this INCREDIBLE book that can guide the person to personal well-being and success.  I can see how clear the vision is and I can honestly say that I see so much of what has worked for me and made me happy.  Incredible book that can lead a person to be more in every way.

Just had to let you know how on the mark it all was for me.  From beginning to the end.  You included everything that can work to change a life.  I loved it!!!

Sonia O. Ron 

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the 8 Step Positivity Process to Lead Change in Your Life

    • Reference Sheet

    • Navigating the Course & Prezi

  • 2

    Step One: Create YOUR Sense of Urgency

    • Welcome to Week 1

    • Week One: Step One

    • Week 1: Handout

    • Week 1: Resources

    • Discussion/Q&A

  • 3

    Step Two: Build YOUR Positivity Tribe

    • Week 2: Step Two

    • Week 2: Handout

    • Week 2: Resources

    • Discussion Q&A

    • Welcome to Step 2

  • 4

    Step Three: Develop Your Change Vision: Make Your Dream A Reality

    • Introduction Video

    • Week 3: Step 3

    • Week 3: Handout

    • Week 3: Resources

    • Discussion Q&A

  • 5

    Step 4: Communicate YOUR Vision For Buy-In: BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

    • Introduction

    • Week 4: Step 4

    • Week 4: Handout

    • Week 4: Resources

    • Discussion Q&A

  • 6

    Step 5: Deeper Empowerment to Implement YOUR Action Plan

    • Week 5: Step 5

    • Week 5: Handout

    • Week5: Resources

    • Discussion Q&A

  • 7

    Step 6: Celebrate Short-Term Success: Creating Visible Success NOW Your Action Plan

    • Week 6: Step 6

    • Week 6: Resources

    • Week 6: Handout

    • Discussion Q&A

  • 8

    Step 7: Never Let Up!

    • Week 7: Step 7

    • Week 7: Handout

    • Week 7: Resources

    • Discussion Q&A

  • 9

    Step 8: Make it Stick: Keeping the Impetus Up

    • Week 8: Step 8

    • Week 8 Handout

    • Week 8: Resources

    • Discussion Q&A

  • 10

    Coaching Calls

    • Coaching Call

Your Instructor & Guide

Inspirational Change Leader

sherry blair

"Great presenter” “Dynamic”   “Funny”   “Knowledgeable”“Genuine”  “Practical Skill Building”   Sherry Blair, MSSW, MA, LCSW, BCPC. Sherry has served children, families, individuals, and organizations for over two decades. She is the CEO/Founder of the Sherry Blair Institute for Inspirational Change (SBI) and is a leader in Executive Behavioral Healthcare. She has also served many organizations as a trainer, coach, and consultant on various topics. Sherry is one of the first 300 people in the world trained in Positive Psychology under the tutelage of Dr. Martin Seligman, University of Penn. She also is basic, advanced and coach trained in Rational Emotive Behavioral Theory and was afforded the opportunity to train at the Albert Ellis Institute while Ellis was still alive. Sherry is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California Graduate School of Social Work  and served as a Trainer Consultant for the New Jersey Child Welfare Training Partnership. She authored a number of books and creates products and programs that innovatively inspires change into the lives of the people she serves at home, school, work and play. It is her mission to “nurture the hearts of New Jersey” and beyond. Sherry has influenced thousands of people nationally and internationally.

Bonus material

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  • Daily Doses of Positivity

    You also get Daily Doses of Positivity: Pearls of Wisdom Pillars of Strength to help build you up with one one minute boosters that inspire you to take action EVERY day in EVERY moment of your NEW YOU life.

  • Private FaceBook Group

    Be in a positivity tribe that is palpable. Meet and interact with others who are committed to creating positive change and leading themselves into their metamorphosis of transformation.