This course is grounded in evidenced-based strategies that are creatively woven together to work through the stages of change to accomplish goals and dreams.  We draw from John Kotter's 8 step Leading Change model for leaders (Harvard University) translated for individual application, positive psychology, cognitive science, and motivational inspirations to optimize you along the way.

Course Curriculum

Step Two: Your Guiding Coalition: Create your Positivity Tribe
Step Three: Develop Your Change Vision: Make Your Dream A Reality
Step 5: Deeper Empowerment to Implement Your Broad-Based Action
Step 6: Generating Short-Term Wins: Creating Visible, Palpable and Explicit Success NOW Your Action Plan
Step 8: Make it Stick: Keeping the Impetus Up
Coaching Calls

What's included?

13 Videos
1 Text
17 PDFs
8 Disqus

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sherry blair
sherry blair
Inspirational Change Leader

About the instructor

"Great presenter”

“Dynamic”   “Funny”   “Knowledgeable”


“Practical Skill Building”  

Sherry Blair, MSSW, MA, LCSW, BCPC. Sherry is the CEO/Founder of the Sherry Blair Institute for Inspirational Change (SBI) and is a leader in Executive Behavioral Healthcare Mangement. She began an in-home program under the umbrella of New Jersey’s Wraparound System of Care 15 years ago. She has also served many organizations as a trainer, coach, and consultant on various topics. Sherry is one of the first 300 people in the world trained in Positive Psychology under the tutelage of Dr. Martin Seligman, University of Penn. She also is basic, advanced and coach trained in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and was afforded the opportunity to train at the Albert Ellis Institute while Ellis was still alive.

Sherry is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California Graduate School of Social Work and served as a Trainer Consultant for the New Jersey Child Welfare Training Partnership.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® is part of the “brand” at the Sherry Blair Institute. It was introduced to Sherry by her amazing supervisee, Connie Masullo in 2008 and the change initiative to embrace the approach wholeheartedly within our organization at every level began.  She believed that the "tools" in the approach supported the research in positive psychology and cognitive science for leading change in people's lives.  Sherry is an Advanced Trainer in the approach and has trained organizations, schools, child study team members, parents, mental health professionals, children, and teens. She has served on the Ethics, Research & Global Summit Committees for the Nurtured Heart Approach®. She authored a number of books about the approach.  She creates products and programs that innovatively bring the approach into the lives of the people she serves at home, school, work and play. It is her mission to “nurture the hearts of New Jersey” and beyond.


When Sherry Blair speaks, people listen. She is a dynamic coach and leader who epitomizes and puts into practice what she teaches. 

Sherry has been an ongoing motivational force in my life. She has helped me capture the sense of urgency that single-handedly springboards me into action and change. As a social worker and mental health practitioner myself, I use many of the same tools and techniques with my own clients. Individuals feel acknowledged and are motivated to change their lives by letting go of negative behaviors which do not serve them. They learn to reset their values and priorities and find more meaning and passion in their lives.  Sherry’s teachings, philosophy, and energy are not only inspiring, they are contagious. I am blessed to be a member in her tribe of positivity.

Betty Jampel, LCSW-Cht, WiseMind Behavioral Health Services, LLC, Livingston, NJ

I learned the meaning of being more intentional through Leading Change in Your Life. Breakthrough began to happen on step 3. 

The online program was good for my busy lifestyle because of having the option to work my plan via Internet during the daily hustle and bustle. It didn't end at the 8 steps, I’m reaching new goals and remembering to replace negative thoughts with faithful affirmations and scriptures. As a result, I have birthed HoneyBeeYou LLC Training, Coaching and Transformation. Thank you for helping me find the key that opened the doors to my red carpet success! I am ready to live my best life now! Thank you!!! 

Dena Billups, MHS, CLC 

I would have never been able to take those steps if I wasn’t involved with this program.

Two years ago Leading Change in Your Life helped  me take the steps necessary to go back to school full time and now I am about to graduate with my MSW in hand. I would have never been able to take those steps if I wasn’t involved with this program. And now I am using this process to compete in my first body-building competition in addition to being in school full time. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to change some aspect of their life. It prepares you for change – which is key – and provides tips and strategies to keep you focused and motivated.

Roxanne Miller, BA, MSW, LSW 

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Sherry’s team was excellent with follow up and support and I so appreciate their flexibility. If you want to change your life and finally live your dreams – try the 8 Steps to Positivity for sure!

I cannot say how grateful I am to Sherry Blair for the outstanding job she did in developing and delivering the 8 Steps to Positivity!  As usual, she was engaging, captivating, and most of all inspiring, making me believe that I really could do whatever I set my mind to. In January of 2016, I was working as a mental health therapist five 10-12 hour days per week at an addiction treatment center. It was very high stress and as much as I loved my clients, I was miserable. I felt that I had no life outside of my tiny little 6’ X 9’ office. I started the 8 Steps and then in the end of February, I got very sick with the flu. I was miserable but it was wonderful to lay in bed all day and cry. By the second week of laying around the house, I was still too sick to go to work but well enough to carry on with the Steps. By the end of that second week, I had completed Steps 1-4 and was ready to take action. By then it was almost mid-March.   

Let me just cut to the chase. I immediately started meeting with my tribe members and using laser focus to make every moment count. On May 2, 2016, I started in private practice with an established group across the state (California). I stayed with a friend until July when my husband and I moved completely – into a place of the exact description that I had written down in March.   By then I had built up a full practice, working just 4 days per week, and no more 12 hour days!  One year later, in March of 2017, I leased a second office – all my own!  

Sherry’s team was excellent with follow up and support and I so appreciate their flexibility. If you want to change your life and finally live your dreams – try the 8 Steps to Positivity for sure! I recommend add prayer and laughter, have fun with your tribe and don’t forget to keep working the steps. They work!  

Laura Bailey, LMFT

Amazing results in 20 days!

I went to the January 7th event and it was just  the kick in the pants that I needed. I have been putting my health on the backburner for a couple of years now. This training really had me reevaluate my reasons for doing that and was one thing I'd really like to change. Since that training I've been eating right, working out and feeling better than I have in a long time. This resulted in a 13lb weight loss so far. Its a drop in the bucket but its the jump start I've needed.” 

Connie Masullo

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