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Do you feel negativity weighing you down?

Are you tired of toxic experiences in your life?

You can do something about it!  

Practicing the art of Counting Your Blessings along with increasing more positive experiences has a true payoff that benefits you and the people in your life.

Choose to do this in your workplace, with friends and/or with family members.

How will I learn to Count My Blessings?

Online & On-Demand presentations  

Learn what to do when the time is right for you.

Be sure to carve out time each week for quick tips and homework assignments.

Week 1:  October 29, 2018:  Preparation for Change & Positive Introductions

Week 2:  November 05, 2018:  Gratitude & Counting Your Blessings

Week 3:  November 12, 2018:  Got PERMA?  We do and now you can too!

Week 4:  November 19, 2018:  LOVE 2.0 & Strengths Finding in Others @Home, Work and Play

Week 5:  November 26, 2018:   Changing Your Perspective from Negative to Positive Thinking

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2 Live Coaching Calls with Sherry. 

November 14 & 28, 2018 at 7:30-8:30pm EST.

Why is this course free?

I am feeling really grateful for so much in my life and including for all of you amazing people that I know through home, work and play!  I also want to spread some positivity, love, peace and gratitude to make this world a better place;).  I look forward to serving you and getting to meet new people along the way.  Thank you for being in our lives!

WIth a grateful heart,


SPECIAL IDEAS to make your Thanksgiving season more abundant with  love, peace, positivity, and YES, gratitude.  That is a promise!!!

Join us for a 30-day challenge starting in November to move you toward emotional abundance.  

Free to join--not free to make it happen.  You have work to do!

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What's included?

1 Quiz
1 Survey
6 Texts
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sherry blair
sherry blair
Inspirational Change Leader

About the instructor

"Great presenter”

“Dynamic”   “Funny”   “Knowledgeable”


“Practical Skill Building”  

Sherry Blair, MSSW, MA, LCSW, BCPC. Sherry is the CEO/Founder of the Sherry Blair Institute for Inspirational Change (SBI) and is a leader in Executive Behavioral Healthcare Mangement. She began an in-home program under the umbrella of New Jersey’s Wraparound System of Care 15 years ago. She has also served many organizations as a trainer, coach, and consultant on various topics. Sherry is one of the first 300 people in the world trained in Positive Psychology under the tutelage of Dr. Martin Seligman, University of Penn. She also is basic, advanced and coach trained in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and was afforded the opportunity to train at the Albert Ellis Institute while Ellis was still alive.

Sherry is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California Graduate School of Social Work and served as a Trainer Consultant for the New Jersey Child Welfare Training Partnership.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® is part of the “brand” at the Sherry Blair Institute. It was introduced to Sherry by her amazing supervisee, Connie Masullo in 2008 and the change initiative to embrace the approach wholeheartedly within our organization at every level began.  She believed that the "tools" in the approach supported the research in positive psychology and cognitive science for leading change in people's lives.  Sherry is an Advanced Trainer in the approach and has trained organizations, schools, child study team members, parents, mental health professionals, children, and teens. She has served on the Ethics, Research & Global Summit Committees for the Nurtured Heart Approach®. She authored a number of books about the approach.  She creates products and programs that innovatively bring the approach into the lives of the people she serves at home, school, work and play. It is her mission to “nurture the hearts of New Jersey” and beyond.

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