OPTIMIZE: Leading Change in Your Life

Tired of being stuck? Still not reaching your goals? Start leading change in YOUR life with an 8 step process to apply to any goal at home, work, or play.


Inspirational Change Strategies for Parents & Professionals Working with Children

This free course is an introduction to the strategies we use at our Institute. We begin with leading change, positive psychology, cognitive science, and the Nurtured Heart Approach.


Family Systems Practice Using the Nurtured Heart Approach

Learn how to strengthen and nurture all the connections within the family starting from exploring caregivers’ individual/couple needs; where they are in the change process; the family unit; to equipping sibling relations.


Nurtured Heart Books Authored by Sherry Blair Institute Team


Jangala Tribal Warriors: Living, Learning & Growing from the Heart

Children are better off when they learn at a young age how to handle their feelings, conflicts and how to have healthy and strong relationships. Based on positive psychology, a heart-centered use of language and rational thinking.


Love & Leadership Coaching

Coaching packages for parents and caregivers grounded in the Nurtured Heart Approach & other powerful modalities designed to put YOU in the driver seat and to lead with love.